Chapter 1: Hopefully Finally Ready to Move onMature

(Originally posted by Lord_Ganlon on Tue Jul 28, 2009)

Forest of Ecwodar

Conrad silently chuckled at teh exchange. So, despite the Time Mage's powers, he still at least had a sense of humor. And the elf, while, seemed just as prone to anger as any other race."Well I don't think we're gonna get there any faster bickering." Conrad says, adjusting his pack, and making sure his rifle was still slung across his back. He was tired, sore, and to be frank, ready to get out of this situation he had been thrown into. Once he was sure he had everything, he starting walking forward, so they could catch up. He had no idea where he was going, since there hadn't been any detailed mapping efforts due to the lack of near constant Magitek use.

The End

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