Chapter 1: When a Note From Somebody you Don't Know Comes by... Trust it! What Could go Wrong?Mature

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Fortuna's Fashion

Fujitsu took the creased parchment from Aria and took a look at it. It was all written in Japanese, and it wasn't by anybody he knew, or so he thought.
He looked back at Aria. "How'd you know this was for me?"
"Well, you do speak some Japanese, I think," she said. "And since you're the only one in here who speaks it... Well, the rest follows through, right?"
Fujitsu nodded then returned to the note, muttering the words in its language aloud while he read it. When he finished, his serious mode kicked in. He set down the note, went back into the dressing room to get his trunk and anything else he might have left in there, and unsheathed both of his weapons, spinning his katana around.
"Aria, you may want to take out your daggers. Something's up by the South Gate," said Fujitsu, walking up to Aria.
Aria became alarmed. "What? Why? What's going on?"
Fujitsu shrugged and replied, "Not sure, but the note said, 'Go to the south entrance, if you're looking for something to do, but be on your guard, young swordsman.' I got a bad feeling about this.

The End

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