Chapter 1: Beware the Master of OrigamiMature

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Fortuna's Fashion

Aria was still thinking about where to go next when an odd looking sparrow flew in through an open window. Aria stared at it for a moment, and realized that it wasn't a sparrow at all: it was a slip of paper enchanted in the form of a sparrow.

Fujitsu saw it too. "Be warned, ancient master of origami, you may sample my blade."

Aria stared at him. She then giggled a bit and took the sparrow origami slip and unfolded it. She read it and then looked at Fujitsu. "I think it's for you."

Elven Outpost

What Conrad saw was as surprising as it was miraculous: Acherak was having trouble standing. While he was attempting to maintain his balance, Koinzell jumped up and booted him in the helmet. Acherak's balance failed, and he fell to the ground with a loud THUD!

Koinzell joined Conrad and Hyperion and they ran north through the Forest of Ecwodar. After running for what felt like hours, they stopped to take a breather.

Conrad spoke up first. "How... much farther... is... it to... the capitol?"

Koinzell answered. "Not... much farther... I'd guess... about... another... half hour..."

Hyperion shook his head. "Actually, it's more like 47 minutes and 23 seconds from here at the speed we were running just now."

Koinzell glared at him. "Stuff... it..."

Hyperion shrugged. "Forgive me for sounding like a smart-aleck. I was merely stating the facts."

Koinzell rolled his eyes. "Lady... Yggdrasil... help you... from... my temper."

Escartes Town South Gate

The Stygian Bandits slinked into Escartes, unnoticed by the populace as they stuck to the shadows. A woman carrying her child passed by one of them, and that Stygian stared on in curiousity. It wanted to hold the child, look at its face, play with it...

His buddy knew what he was thinking and bashed him over the head with his fist. The Stygian made a sound like that of a sick cat, which did make the woman stop for a second, but she quickly decided it was nothing to worry about, and continued walking home.

Watching from above was a glowing little light... a fairy. Serena watched this display and shook her head. These creatures are like parentless children..., she thought to herself.

The End

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