Chapter 1: In the Presence of Play Things too old and too LegendaryMature

Kara had done her best to cook a nice stew... and some Bannock--she had some Bannock a few times before she became a nurse. The stuff was some of the best tasting stuff she could have--she hoped she could reproduce it well.

She brings it to the rickety table. Click looks to the Old Man, before nervously trying it--the Old Man had already started digging into the Bannock and eating some of the Stew. The Old Man comments with his mouth full, "oh why, oh why didn't I seek you out a long time ago?"

Kara eating gracefully answers, "but you are old, I like my play things young."

Click eating carefully--trying to figure out her recipe from the taste gives Kara an odd look--where as the Old Man smacks Click on the back hard, and rubs his shoulder, while still eating with his other hand, "well then Sla-Click, you can be her play thing."

Kara giggles, "I could not have Sla-Click as a plaything... I am not that legendary"

If had appeared that the Old Man's little mess ups had made Kara think that putting "Sla-" was a term of endearment for Clicks friends to call him.

They continue to talk about nothing at all as the Old Man enjoyed a decent meal that he didn't have to make himself. Kara and Click eat it too, with Click noting it wasn't nearly as good as the Old Man was making it out to be.

They sit around the table, and the Old Man burps and answers, "Kara, I don't have the nursing faculties here that Click will need--so he will need to go to the city to propperly get taken care of--also" the Old Man winks at Click, "I'll need to teach him the secret techniques he'll need to kill Xeranad. I am to old to do them myself. However if you saw them, and didn't know how to do them propperly--well, you're not a fighter, and Xeranad would likely hunt you to the corners of the globe to kill you. I only survive as I live here in squallor. If I had Click put me up in the wonderful faculties he thought I should get as his teacher, and he could no doubt afford, I'd be a dead man for my knowledge."

Click whispers to Old Man, "you're laying it on a little thick, aren't you?"

The Old Man whispers back, "she is a simple girl--this is mostly tailored for her purpose."

Kara nods, looking scared for both of them, "alright--I'll head back. Don't worry Click's fine master, I won't tell anybody your secret. I want you to be Click's teacher for a *very* long time"

The End

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