Chapter 1: Ren and Stimpy Have Great InfluenceMature

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Fortuna's Fashion

Fujitsu scratched his head, trying to think of somewhere to go next. There was the items shop that could help them stock up before their journey, but Fujitsu had a good amount of items in his trunk, enough to share, so he shrugged that off. He thought about going back to the post office to send a letter to his master... but what could Aria do there? He scratched that off, then thought about heading off to the pet store, The Best and the Furriest, but then again there was this nasty-looking wolf that was in the window, and didn't want to take any chances- even though Fujitsu loves wolves- in the case that either of them got hurt. At this point Fujitsu had drool creeping out of the corner of his mouth.
"BOO!" Shouted a voice from behind him, scaring Fujitsu out of his skin. When he turned around, he found the shopkeeper trying his best not to snicker. "W-wha-a-at? It look-ked l-like you were g-going to d-die from... BWA-HA-HA-HA...!" he finished, bursting into tears.
Fujitsu was a bit cross from that, but he decided that it wouldn't be worth it to get angry about it. Instead, he dumped his one-hundred talons on the counter then took away five in an attempt to try and show him not to disrespect his customers; it was something that Arisan taught him as a beginner's tactic. Even though it was a beginner's tactic, it still caught the man's attention, and he shut up immediately. Fujitsu put back the talons.
He turned to Aria who asked, "Well? Do you have any place in mind?"
Fujitsu put his fist on his chin thoughtfully for a moment, then his insanity sparked. "I got it!" he yelled, a broad smile stretching across his face. "Let'sdrinkapotionthat'llturnusintobiglizardssowecanterrorizeKyotowhileachihuahuanamed Ren-orwasitStimpy?-eatsadoorknobandtwowizardsfighttothedeathandthengetmarried! The end! Horray!!" he finished, raising his hands graciously.
Aria just gaped at him. "...What did you just say?"
Fujitsu opened his mouth once more, then closed it. He opened it again, only to shut it once more. Finally, he just shrugged. "I have no clue."

Escartes Town South Entrance Gate

Jonou watched as the two guards lost their lives to the bandit Stygians within the trees just outside the gate. He thought about helping them, but decided that it was their own affair and that they should deal with it, even it they died for it. Besides, he wanted to see if Fujitsu would notice.
It was apparent, however, that Fujitsu was not near the gate, and Arisan was not about to risk anymore deaths, though he did not attack them. Instead, he pulled out a piece of parchment and wrote: "Go to the south entrance, if you're looking for something to do, but be an your guard, young swordsman. Anonymous." in japanese, being careful not to write in his own handwriting, as Fujitsu would recognize it in a flash and would come looking for him to question him as to why he wouldn't take care of them himself.
He folded the note into the shape of a sparrow, and enchanted so that it would fly to its destination. He blew it away from his hands, and watched as it flew towards Fortuna's Fashion.

The End

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