Chapter 1: The Deus Ex Machina is limited? Blasphemy.Mature

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Fortuna's Fashion

Aria came out of the dressing room, wearing what appeared to be something akin to a peasant girl dress, but with a little extra "flair" and appeared to be more durable. Aria walked around in it a bit, and slightly grumbled.

Fujitsu raised an eyebrow. "What's the matter? I think it looks good on you."

Aria nodded. "I know, but this outfit seems to hamper mobility a bit... now how do I fix that?"

Fujitsu thought for a moment. "Well... you could always tear the bottom the the skirt off..."

Aria glared at him. "Two things: This dress is too nice to tear apart so soon, and don't be a sicko."

Fujitsu scratched his head at that last bit. "Sicko?"

Aria shook her head. "Nevermind... let's see..." She snapped her fingers. "I got it!"

She pulled out a strip of leather and wrapped it around her waist, then taking the skirt, she tucked it into the belt, creating a bump in the dress. Aria then tried walking around again, and smiled. "Much better." She walked up to the front counter, paid the fine, and sat down. "So... where to next?"

Elven Outpost

Hyperion took out a stopwatch and checked the time. "Well, despite my knowledge of the inner workings of the fabric of reality, I can honestly say I am unable to think of a solution, save retreat."

Koinzell nodded. "He's far too large to take head on. Retreat sounds like a good option right now; however, I have my doubts that it would work to well." He stared at Hyperion. "You're a time mage, right? Can't you just slow time down to a crawl and we could use that to escape?"

Hyperion shook his head. "I'm afraid it isn't that simple. Every time I use my magic, especially in quick succession, there is a chance that reality could collapse. I've stretched my powers too thin for one day to be of aid."

Koinzell sighed. "There goes that plan." He looked at Acherak, who was waiting patiently for them to finish their conversation (for reasons known only to him). Koinzell turned back to the group. "Okay, let's review: we have a time mage who can't use his magic for a while, a soldier with a limited ammount of magical energy projectiles, and I am still tired from the fight with Kojiro. To make matters more complicated, we are up against a member of the Titan race, who are known for their superior strength and love of battle. This one weilds a mace the size of a human, which he can throw with one hand, and that would lead to certain death. Now... what is there about him that we can use to our... advantage?" When saying this, Koinzell turned to look at Acherak again, and the answer hit him. "Conrad... I want you to aim for his legs."

Conrad looked at Koinzell, confused. "What?"

Koinzell pulled out his sword and muttered. "Just do it. Just be ready to retreat the moment he falls over."

Escartes Town South Entrance Gate

The two guards posted there were tired and hungry. They had been on duty for hours, and they wondered when their shift would be over. The first one spoke. "What's taking them so long to send the next shift?"

The other shrugged. "I dunno. There's probably some contrived reason anyway."

The first one sighed, then looked up to see a caravan approaching. "Oh, looks like someone's trying to enter. Time for inspection."

The caravan stopped in front of the gate. The first guard walked over to the front, and began to work his way to the back. "That's odd... where are the people? What's making this thing move?"

By the time he reached the back, he got his answer... in the form of a dagger to his throat. Before he could call out to his friend, he was silenced.

His corpse crumpled to the ground, which alerted the other guard of something suspicious. "What's going on? What happened?" When he received no answer, he tried to call to the other guards for reinforcements. "Hey, gu-"

Before he could even finish his sentence, a jagged dagger pierced his throat, spraying blood everywhere. He, like his friend, crumpled to the ground.

Entering Escartes was a band of bandits... Stygian bandits.

The End

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