Chapter 1: Options, Options...Mature

(Originally posted by Lord_Ganlon on Sun Jul 26, 2009)

Elven Outpost

Conrad jumped up and forward, narrowly being missed by the next swing of that giant mace. Popping up from the roll, Conrad runs towards the Time Mage and the Elf. "Right, anyone got any ideas on how to beat THIS guy?!" Conrad asks, pulling out the nearly drained pack, putting into a pouch on his left leg, then pulling another out of one of the pouches on his chest. Sliding the pack into hte slot, and hitting the button on the side of hte gun, he readies his rifle with a full 30 shot clip. He only had 2 of those left, then the 5 shot one left, but the other 3 clips he had were drained already. so, he had 65 shots left before he was down to his pistol and then his sword when the packs for his pistol ran out. So right now, they had to find a weakness, and judging from the experienced hand the mace weilding guy had with his weapon, chances were, he wouldn't be easily fooled, and be able to react quickly with that thing...

The End

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