Chapter 1: Hey, Where's my Wallet?!Mature

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Fortuna's Fashion

Aria nodded her head. "Not bad. Not bad at all." She smiled at him, then walked over to the set of clothes she eyed earlier, picked them up, and placed them on the counter. "I'd like to try these on, please."

Fujitsu looked at the price tag. "Um... Aria? I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, but do you have the money to pay for that?"

Aria had a smug look on her face. She pulled out her winnings and placed them on the counter. "Does this answer your question?"

Fujitsu jaw dropped. He stared blankly at the money, then back at Aria. He regained his composure and turned slightly cross. "Alright, how many people did you rob?"

Aria shook her head. "None. I gambled over at the Burning Wheel and won. This is what I earned from that risk."

Fujitsu was still a bit suspicious, but he dropped the subject. The man at the counter nodded. "Miss, these price tags are inaccurate."

Aria raised an eyebrow. "Say what?"

The owner shrugged. "I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you that this item is worth less than the price tag says. It seems I missed one when I was going over relabelling the inventory. The price for both is 250 total."

Aria was relieved. She thought he was going to up the price. Good thing he didn't, cause 300 talons was just about as much as she could afford.

Aria smiled. "Alright, so where's the changing room?"

The owner pointed in the opposite direction of where Fujitsu was. "The ladies' changing room is over there." Aria picked them up and walked off.

Elven Outpost

Kojiro glared at Conrad, a look of anger in his eyes. "So, you are the one responsible for the last failure our army has suffered." Kojiro punched Koinzell in the face, breaking their deadlock. Kojiro's attention was focused entirely on Conrad. "It seems I'll have to personally deal with you myself, soldier of Elarin."

Conrad froze. How did this warrior know he was from Elarin? What's more, how did he know of Elarin's existence?

Kojiro raised Excalibur into the air. "Die."

Kojiro brought the blade down, but instead of landing on Conrad, it hit something solid. In between Kojiro and Conrad was a familiar blue, black, and orange clad man: Hyperion Tempus.

Conrad looked at him. "You again?"

Kojiro seethed. "How dare you stand between me and my prey?! You will suffer for this!"

Hyperion kept Kojiro's Excalibur at bay with a weapon of his own: a black sword covered in ancient runes. Hyperion smiled. "To defeat a weapon of such power, one must obtain a weapon of equal strength and importance. So, what could possibly be equal to the Excalibur? Care to take a guess?"

Kojiro's eyes widened. "The Cursed Black Sword... Balmung."

Hyperion nodded. "That's right. Excalibur, or the Sword in the Stone, as it is often referred to, is descended from the Sword in the Tree, or Balmung. Therefore, the perfect weapon to fight off such a holy relic."

Kojiro and Hyperion were locked in a struggle for control. "How?" Kojiro asked. "How could you possess that sword?"

Hyperion smiled. "I am the Time Mage Hyperion Tempus. I have the power to not only walk through time as I see fit, but I have the power to manipulate it, and the objects it contains. Balmung would have been covered in rust and vines by now, but mine is as good as new. I took it just as it was finished. Just give up."

Kojiro backed off. "You win this round, time traveler. But know this: if you interfere in my lord's plans again, you will die, no matter what power you possess." Kojiro sheathed Excalibur and began walking away. However, a giant spiked ball appeared out from the foliage and crushed the tent just behind Conrad. Out of the foliage walked a huge hulk of a being. General Acherak.

"Ah thought ya woold widraw, Kojiro. Dat's fine. Ah'll take et from 'ere." Acherak boomed.

Kojiro nodded. "As you wish. Crush this scum that would soil the earth with their presence." With that, Kojiro disappeared into the forest, leaving Conrad, Koinzell, and Hyperion to the massive Titan's mercy.

The End

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