Chapter 1: Sword > GunMature

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Elven Outpost

Conrad watched as the Elves, all but the elf who he had called out to. It was quite clear it was a lopsided fight. Conrad had to think fast, and think of something useful, just to be sure the kid didn't kill himself. Grunting, Conrad pushed forward, till he was at the edge of the battle ground between the Elf and the armored figure. It was clear the two of them were intent on one another, and the Stygians were too busy harassing the soldiers retreating from the field to properly notice Conrad. Conrad made sure to get low to the ground, so as to better hide his form. Placing his rifle to his shoulder, he looked down the sights, aiming for the armored figure. "Hey, big and ugly! Stand still a moment!" Conrad called out, using the shade of the tree he was next to, as well as the green of his cloak, now with the hood up, to hide his position. He watched as both the Elf and the Armored figure, appearently named Kojiro, pause and look to find him. Conrad used the pause to fire on shot over Kojiro's right shoulder, a flash of yellow-blue being the only thing to give him away with, and it lasted a whole blink of an eye. However, the 'BEEP' that come from the rifle's power pack was a much more dangerous thing then the muzzle flash. Cursing, Conrad glanced at the pack, and groaned. He had only 5 shots left in the pack before it was dry, and it would take too long, far too long, to replace it... Not if he wanted to live. So for now, he could have to pick his shots, and his luck, carefully

The End

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