Chapter 1: Stretching the Explanation a Little too farMature

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The Chef's Hat

"Alright!" barked Mousse, glaring at all of the chefs who were preparing meals in the large kitchen. "Which one of you is studying magic and left their Essence of Zephyrus in the spice rack!?"
The cooks just nervously glanced around at one another, wondering what Chuck would do this time if nobody took responsibility for the action. The last time nobody raised their hand, all of the workers, waiters/ waitresses included, had do one-hundred push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and laps, all in ten minutes. The guy who didn't finish in time was fired and Chuck contacted every head chef he knew and told them just how horrible of a cook he was and to decline him no matter how much he begged. Luckily, one person in a large eastern-styled straw hat raised his hand this time. Everybody sighed in relief.
O'latte gave him an angry look. "So, you think it's funny to endanger our customers with not being careful with-"
"That spell was meant to go in the order," the man interrupted. He turned to face the head chef, but the hat was blocking his face from view, though you could tell he was being serious from the atmosphere surrounding him.
Chuck quite angrily, "OH! So you want to kill our customers, do you!? Do you know how much of an influence I have in the world of food!!?"
The man chuckled. "Oh, don't worry. The boy whom I gave the essence to has a very powerful stomach. I would know, seeing that I'M to the one who trained him."
"Wha... What do you mean by that?" asked Chuck. They both stared at him for a while.
The man smirked and lifted his straw hat, enough to show his face to the cook. He was an old man, with a long, gray mustache, and the hair to match. He had many wrinkles all over his body, but he was also very muscular for his age. 
He picked up a butcher knife and stuck the iron pots and pans that hung above his hand with first the flat side and sharp edge, finishing with stabbing the counter, by then his hands had started glowing on both sides. On the hands glowed the kanji...
"Heart, Hope, Faith, and Strength," Chuck said suddenly. "You're Jonou Arisan.
The old man grabbed his apron. "I wonder what Fujitsu is doing?" he wondered. Twirling around, he leaped up in the air, ripped off the apron, and vanished, leaving the apron to float gently to the ground.

Fortuna's Fashion

"Excuse me, sir. How much does this set cost?" Fujitsu asked walking up to the counter and pointing to a set of samurai armor.
The man thought for a second, then said, "That would be one-thousand talons."
Fujitsu groaned. He knew what he had, which was one-hundred and sixty talons, and found it quite obvious that he wasn't going to afford something that expensive, though he couldn't blame the guy for the price. The armor looked majestic and was most likely an antique, and therefore had to be expensive.
The man scratched his chin thoughtfully, then came up with a solution. He came around the counter and directed him to a very less-walked upon part of the store, mainly because nobody thought it was there; there was a long rack of clothes blocking it from view. When they stopped, The shopkeeper presented him with a most definitely less majestic armor than the samurai's. It was lightweight, but it still could protect from average damage, and looked kinda cool. There was also a red and white man's set beside it that was big enough to conceal the armor completely. "This is an uncommon rurouni's armor, and at an affordable price of one-hundred talons. There's even a strap sowed on the back for swords, such as yours. You like?"
Fujitsu studied the set. He checked for design flaws and quality issues. He checked for any cracks or anything that would cause the armor to break. When he was satisfied, he asked, "Where's the changing room?"
"Right next to the gold and crimson medieval armor by the counter," he answered.
Fujitsu nodded and traveled to the room. He packed his clothes in his trunk, set his blades aside, and put on the armor and kimono. They really felt comfortable on him; a perfect fit! And they were affordable! Fujitsu was really happy about how this day was going, except for the whole getting separated by Aria bit.
He took the time to look at the dressing room. It was the average one, with a bench to sit on, some hangers to hang your clothes on, a mirror, and... a sink to wash your hair in? This confused Fujitsu, as he's never seen any sink in any dressing room before, and thought that it was a waste in space. However, now that Fujitsu thought about it, maybe he should wash and brush his hair, seeing that he hasn't done so in a while. He took off the blue string that made his ponytail possible, dipped it in the water, washed, rinsed, and repeated. When he was done, his hair was somewhat shiny, but wasn't bushy anymore, and instead was now flowing. Fujitsu liked it this way better, and it suited his new outfit better.
Yeah, I think I'm buying this... Fujitsu thought as he walked out of the changing room with his swords back on him along with his trunk. He was about to tell the manager his decision when he noticed Aria walking in. Now he wondered if she thought it looked good on him.
Fujitsu called, "Oi! Aria! How's this look on me?" while spinning around to show his sides and back. If he was going to buy it, he might as well see if it didn't make him look bad or anything.

The End

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