Chapter 1: Certainly Wasn't Expecting THATMature

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Burning Wheel Casino

Aria shook her head. This is bad... I got careless and if I screw up now, I'll pay dearly. Think, Aria, think! Your virginity depends on it! Then it hit her. "Say, Sal. You're a major gambling man, right?"

Sal nodded. "Yeah. Why do you ask?"

Aria smiled. "Oh, no reason. Just thought I'd ask." While she was saying this, she dropped her pocket mirror on the florr and slid it in to a position which allowed her to see Sal's hand.

Same hand as mine, sans a little higher in card values... she thought. So, it all comes down to a single draw of the cards.

Aria tossed the card she didn't need and drew another one. In reality, she took the card she needed from the deck in a swift motion that looked like she was drawing a card. Yes! Now I know I'll beat him.

Sal smiled. "Alright, my turn." He drew a card and smirked. "Full House."

Aria placed her hand on the table. "Same here." What Aria saw from his hand however shocked her. That was the card I discarded?

Sal smirked. "The mirror trick was clever, but sorry, I have a few tricks of my own up my sleeve. Gambilng is one thing, but you have to be prepared to give it your all. If that means cheating, so be it."

Aria looked at both their hands. "So, you knew I cheated, huh?"

Sal laughed. "I don't blame you. I would have done the same if I was betting my life. So, how about we settle this a different way?" He pulled out a coin, and twirled it to show that there were two sides to the coin: a heads and a tails.

"Pick a side." Sal smirked. "Whatever it lands on decides the fate of all the money and the deed on the table."

Aria thought for a second. "Heads."

Sal flipped the coin and it landed on heads. Aria cheered. "Yes!" She grabbed the loot and walked away.

When she left the casino, the dealer chuckled. "Sometimes, you're too nice for your own good, Sal." Sal lifted up the coin again, but this time, both sides were heads.

"Like I said, life is a gamble. She trusted me to play fair. It was the least I could do."

Elven Outpost

Koinzell heard Conrad's voice, and immediatly slashed behind him. The glint belonged to the claws of a Stygian Assassin. Koinzell then realized what was going on. "Captain Dronel! The Stygians in front are a diversion! There are Assassins in the Outpost!" Dronel looked at him, surprised.

Koinzell pointed. "Get everyone out of here! I'll distract Kojiro!" Koinzell readied his black sword and charged at the golden armored knight. Dronel didn't argue like usual.

"Everyone! Full back! Head deeper into the forest! Make sure the women and children are safe!" Dronel began barking orders. Conrad watched, impressed with the level of order the elves maintained amongst the chaos.

Koinzell blocked the first of Kojiro's attacks. Kojiro, however, only laughed. "Ah... and here I thought this was going to be dull. You've got a quick wit about you, young elf."

Koinzell smirked. "I've always wanted to fight someone as skilled as you, General. Let's make this a battle to remember."

Kojiro laughed. "If you think yourself my equal in combat, then you are deluding yourself. Give up now, and you won't be killed. I'll even recommend you as an officer in Lord Xeranad's new world."

Koinzell kicked Kojiro in the stomach and stepped back. "I decline. Like hell I'm gonna let you and your master corrupt this world any longer."

Kojiro stood up and smiled. "Alright. Have it your way then." Kojiro sheathed his twin blades and drew the big sword from his back. The sword was a glistening gold color, and shined with a holy aura.

Koinzell stood shocked. "That sword... it can't be..."

Kojiro smiled. "And yet, it is. The legendary blade... EXCALIBUR!"

The End

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