Chapter 1: Screw Being ScrewedMature

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Elven Outpost

Conrad planted his helmet on his head, buckling the strap before shucking on the pack under his cloak, and grabbing his rifle. Things just went from the frying pan to hte fire, quick. He began to move forward, noticing the claw he had been given suddenly appearing on his hand, though it hadn't been there before, nor had it been returned to him... Damn, just what the hell did that Mage give him? No matter, thinking on things like that were equal to death out here. So, returning his attention to the fighting, Conrad rolls to hte side, dodging a spear from one of the mounted Stygians. Raising his rifle as he exited hte roll, he squeezes the trigger enough to send a single round out of the barrel, to watch it slam into hte driver of the monster-sized scorpion, and send the Stygian slumping forward. Conrad had been aiming for the spearman, but due to a sudden turn of the driver, the bullet went though teh driver through the side of it's chest. Conrad started to stand up, when the sudden push on his shoulder, with the pinging sound of something bouncing off the armor, reminded him of the archers. Reacting almost with primal instint, he turns on the archer, and looses a 3 round burst, sending something Stygian sized to the ground. Not wanting to take any chances, Conrad moves to get out of range of the archers, only to realize in doing so, he was walking into the kill zone of whoever it was with the chains and blades. 'Not good, either a rock or a boulder, either one can kill in hte right place!'Conrad mentally realizes, but without an answer obvious, he had to move and think, and doing that meant he would be easy pray for one of the three dangers roaming this battlefield. The only thing that was making him stand out from the rest of hte elves, was the way he moved, the way he acted, and the weapon his used. And chances were, word had already spread about him. So he couldn't fake his movements, or his actions, and he had little, well actually, no experience with any bow, much less the elegant longbows the elves were using. So he was in a situation where he was forced to stand out. It was then he saw Koinzell attempting to rally some of the elves into some sort of cohesion. Moving towards the young elf, Conrad spots the glint of something being raised, but hte glint was a sickly one. "WATCH OUT!!!" Conrad calls out, attempting to wrong the young elf.

The End

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