Chapter 1: The Side-effects of Heartbreak Bane Include...?Mature

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Kara had followed Click to the old man's place--it was a horrible house in complete disrepair. She heard some clanging--it was sword play. Was Click in trouble. She started to hide in the horrible unkempt lawn. That may have been a mistake. The house had attracted some horrible bugs. She snuck up--and an old man and Click. The old man clearly had the advantage. They were playing with practice weapons. Was this... was this... old man Click's teacher? Truly a great man to be able to out do Click at every turn.

The old man noticed her, but was working Click too hard, making comments about poorly cooked food--something about Click being a poor cook. Kara didn't mind. She'd just have to learn this cooking process. It would be fun. The old man knew Kara was there. Then she realised. The top half of her body was above the grass. Kara hoped the under brush was still hiding her tail and that she looked like a normal girl still. Click managed to dodge a particularly nasty swing, and Kara couldn't help but to cheer out, "Woo! Go Click."

Click turns, notices Kara there, and gets thwacked with a particularly damaging swing. Kara yells out, "Click!" as she slithers over to Click, keeping her lower half below the grass, and looks at Click--making sure he has no injuries.

The old man looks at Kara, not noticing her tail--as it is underneath the grass, noticing that she is a very pretty nurse. The old man rubs his chin, "Well--Sla--Click, who is this pretty young thing you have here."

Click, rubbing the the spot that the old man swung and hit him, "this is Kara, the nurse that will be with our team of heros."

The old man laughs and says, "well, she is a prize, I'll say that. I hope she can cook."

Click stands up with some help from Kara, and says, "she is also the lamia, rumoured to be living in the mountains."

The old man's jaw dropped. He leans in and whispers to Click, "you know, as a young lad, I heard a few stories about her that would--well, there is a reason I never told you when you were younger. You'd probably be fool enough to seek romance with her--but seems you got it. Well, be careful. Also, don't let her bite you--she has a bite that has some manner of poison in it. You'll have chest problems in six to twelve hours. Heartbreak Bane we called it when we were lads. It is rumoured to have made the activities in the stories even better."

Click just shakes his head, "if they were dead--how can we know what they felt and experienced?"

Kara didn't know what the old man said, and was somewhat confused.

The End

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