Chapter 1: Key Word Being "Try"Mature

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Elven Outpost

When Captain Dronel asked him to help, Conrad wasn't sure what to do. He had to report back to HQ, ASAP, but he couldn't just leave in a hurry, in part because of the Time Mage's little lie that Conrad now had to follow along with. He couldn't say he had to leave, not without helping the elves some, but he couldn't use his weapons much, not with the limits from the power packs left... But still, he was stuck in this mess now, so he would do what he had to in order to survive. "I can't promise you much, but, what I can do, I will try and do to help." Conrad says, seeing the Time Mage having already vanished. Just what was going on anymore? Things were moving too quickly for Conrad to comprehend himself, but he just had to push through it, it wasn't like he had much of a choice. Standing up, and walking towards the flap a bit, not going close to it, so as to not alarm the Elf, but enough to see out of it. 'Goddess help me survive this trial... Because I'm starting to doubt my luck now.' Conrad mentally prays, before turning back to Dronel. "Of course, if i'm to help you, I'm going to need my things." He informed Dronel, his pure white hair floating a bit in the breeze flowing into the tent, his bright green eyes shadowed from the light due to the angle.

The End

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