Chapter 1: Slightly-burnt Toast SlashMature

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Fujitsu walked in through an open doorway, and heard the bell on top of the white-painted door ring. Fujitsu assumed that it was enchanted to ring even if the door was open... or even if it wasn't there. Then he looked at the welcoming mat below his feet. It had a large sorts of deadly-looking weapons designed onto it. Upon closer inspection (Fujitsu got down on his knees and put his eye dangerously close to it), there was a seal of sorts- a detection seal. He looked back up at the bell; it, too, had a detection imprinted on it. It was as if the owner was paranoid that somebody was going to sneak in.

"Are you goin' to jus' steand lookin' at the doo'way, or are ya' gonna buy somethin'?"

Fujitsu looked ahead to the counter. A very squat, grumpy old elf with a vast assortment of scars inhabiting his face and a shaved head sat on a tall stool behind it. There were also a number of different types of blades sheathed behind his back, in his belt, and slung around his shoulder. It was obvious that he was a veteran of war and master swordsman.

"Sorry," apologized Fujitsu, walking forward. "I just got a bit curious about... Well, is there anything you would recommend?"

"Wha' type a' fighter are ya'?" the elf inquired.

Fujitsu scratched his head and looked up thoughtfully. "Let's see... I'm a swordsman. I can wield various types of blades efficiently. I'm rather fast (so fast that I don't even know how fast I am... Well with my stuff off), and I have an abundance of energy, apparently."

The elf studied him very closely and intently, scratching a rather deep scar. He made some guesses about his weight, the weight of his trunk, the length of his sword, and looked for other weapons on him. He finally hopped off his stool and hobbled to the west wall of the store, where a whole bunch of shields lay on the wall and and glass cases. The rest of the walls were like that, as well, except that they had different types of weapons on each wall. He old veteran took a shield with a blade off of a low-hanging shelf and carried it over to Fujitsu.

He said, "Even if yer speedy, ya' still gotta have some protection. The cost is fifty talons."

Fujitsu took the shield-blade from him and studied it. The shield had a sun theme to it, with a golden-colored orb in the center, surrounded with wild orange flames that were painted on there. Underneath it were some leather straps and a glove-like hand to make sure that it stayed on his arm. The blade was that of a claymore's, and was made of standard steel, but it shined greatly, though not the greatest he's even seen a sword shine. The whole thing was pretty lightweight, too, so it made swinging as easy as handling a normal blade.

He cut through the air with a couple of practice slashes, making a satisfying "swish!" sound. He turned to the elf and requested, "May I see the sheath?"

"Ya' gonna buy it?" asked the shopkeeper reaching for the golden-orange sheath that the blade previously rested upon. He handed it over to Fujitsu, who immediately stored the blade within it.

Fujitsu took out his talon pouch and dumped fifty talons into the old elf's hand. "My insanity tells me to buy it, so therefore I am a piece of zucchini," he simply stated with a broad smile spreading across his face. He fit the holder-belt that came with the sheath around his jeans and walked off.

The shopkeeper smirked. As Fujitsu walked in the doorway, with such amazing speed for his size, the elf came at him with a broadsword and gave a battle cry. He leaped up in the air and slashed down. Fujitsu, reacting instinctively, pulled out his family's sword and deflected the blow. The old shopkeeper wasn't done yet, though, he kept coming at Fujitsu, who was frankly surprised at his sudden aggression, out of the store, delivering strong strikes to him. Fujitsu didn't want to hurt the old elf, so all he did was block accordingly to the strikes. The citizens who were walking across the shop at the time immediately cleared a path for the two swordsmen.

"Why are they fighting in the middle of the street!?"

"Did the old man lose it!?"

The veteran dove in for a stab, once again with incredible speed. Fujitsu spun his blade circles to block this, knocking the elf to the side, but he caught his balance rather quickly, and leaped backwards and away from him.

"What are ya', a wuss!? Come at me wid' all ya' got!!" he taunted.

Fujitsu grunted. Looks like I have no choice... he thought. However, he just stood there in a low fighting stance, twirling his blade around like a windmill. Something inside told him to keep doing that, to keep spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning... Now SLASH WHERE YOU ARE!! Fujitsu did what the voice told him, and cut through the air without moving towards the old swordsman. What happened, though, was something he was not expecting at all.

After he slashed through the air, a glowing silver wave of energy erupted from it and hurtled itself towards the shopkeeper. The old elf took a defensive stance straightaway and successfully deflected it, sending it towards the heavens.

He took one quick glance at Fujitsu's hands and smirked. "So... you ARE a student of Jonou Arisan..." This caused some confused discussion amongst the people.

Fujitsu, realizing what the old man meant by that, turned over his hands so that he was staring at the backside of them. Upon them were golden glowing kanji that only appeared whenever he struck at an object. On his left hand, the kanji for "Heart" shined; the one on the right read "Hope". On his palms were also two more kanji, the one on the left being "Faith", and the one on the right saying "Strength". They quickly disappeared, leaving no signs that they were there.

The shopkeeper sniffed at the air, then took a deep whiff of his blade. He tilted his head in confusion. "... Am I smelling slightly-burnt toast?"

Fujitsu's head immediately twitched to the old elf, then twitching towards his own blade. He wafted the air around his sword to his nose. It, too, had the distinct scent of slightly-burnt toast. He held it above his head and promptly exclaimed, "Slightly-burnt Toast Slash!! Huzzah!"

Then he thought for a moment. "Nah... it doesn't quite fit... Maybe Aria can.. come up..." He looked around.

"Aw crap."

The End

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