Chapter 1: I Suppose Project Tetsujin Blackjack Will Have to doMature

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Burning Wheel Casino

Aria stepped inside and watched the events transpiring in the room. People winning money, people losing money, people losing their own homes by playing a variety of games like poker, blackjack, darts, roulette (which is where the casino got it's name, as it is a bright red color), dice, and others.

Aria watched the players at the poker table, which seemed to be the place where most of the money was being wagered. Aria smiled. My luck's high today... I can feel it. She walked up and asked. "Excuse me, sirs: do you have room for one more?"

The dealer, a man with a lit cigar in his mouth, looked up at her. "Oh, what have we here, mates? Sure, you can play. Just wait till the end of this round first."

Aria smiled. "No problem." No problem at all...

Elven Outpost

Dronel sighed. "Well, I suppose that answer will do... Next question is why are you here?"

Spire of Kandrakar - Alchemic Laboratory

"Project Tetsujin is nearing completion, my lord." Yevrus bowed upon completing this sentence. As a homunculus, Yevrus felt most at home inside the Alchemic Laboratory. It was here that the process for creating the beasts that the Stygian Beastmasters ride was done. Currently, however, the equipment Xeranad recieved from Elarin was being used in the latest of his alchemic experiments: a creature of unsurpassable battle capabilities, armed with all of Elarin's advanced weaponry and armor.

Xeranad nodded thoughtfully. "Excellent. Lord Garinos stated that the Magitek armor should be arriving within the next few weeks if I recall correctly. Once it has arrived, the project will be one step closer to completion." Xeranad stared at the still sleeping creation. "What a sight, wouldn't you agree, Yevrus?"

Yevrus nodded. "Yes, my lord. It is indeed."


The End

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