Chapter 1: Running at the Speed of InsaneMature

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Fujitsu was seated at a round, polished, oak table next by a wooden supporting pillar eating some slightly burnt toast in the center of a brightly lit, old, wooden cafe. The floor was made up of oak, pine, maple, elder, mahogany, walnut and many, many more, all to form the name of the cafe (The Chef's Hat) in front of a chef's hat. There were a quite a bit of people there, giving the place a variety of atmospheres depending on where you sat. The doors leading to the kitchen were also made up of the same woods as the floor, too, formed the cafe's name on it, a powerful and irresistible smell wafting out of it. Just about everything in the cafe was made up of various types of wood, except for all the tables, which were just oak. Very, very handsome oak.

The toast that Fujitsu was eating also had a variety of spice in it, matching that of the floor, and had a very unique taste to it. He could taste pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and many more that he didn't have the word for. It was also surprisingly filling; Fujitsu was satisfied on the fourth piece, and that talk of ice cream had made him very hungry indeed.

A waitress in a wood themed apron came around to his table with a notebook when he was finished. "Is there anything else you will be needing, sir?" she asked in a cute voice.

Fujitsu blushed. "Umm... No thank you. The price was fifteen talons, ne?"

"Yes, it is," he said, with cute smile to match her voice.

Fujitsu reached into his pocket and pulled out fifteen of the gems and handed it to her, swiftly got up, grabbed his trunk and headed out the door in one swift motion, saying, "Thank you. Ummn... have a nice day."

When he reached the outside, his heart, which was beating a bit fast, started to calm down, matching the breeze which now swept softly over his head. He took a deep breath and smiled. It truly was a great day to be shopping; the weather was warm, but not too warm, the breeze was comfortable, and there was not a cloud to be seen in the sky. Maybe I should get out my supplies and draw the town from the bridge, he thought to himself.

He started to walk down the district when somebody came up from the side and crashed into him, knocking the stranger down onto the cobblestone road, but Fujitsu was on a higher guard ever since he crashed into Click in the castle, so he kept his balance and didn't fall down. He stretched his hand out and helped the stranger up, asking, "Are you okay?" He guessed it was an Escartes Castle servant on a run to somewhere seeing that he had the servant's uniform. He also looked pretty anxious.

The servant yanked out a golden pocket watch from his pants pocket by its chain and briefly looked at it, his face taking on an even more anxious and worried look. He pulled out an envelope from his breast pocket and whispered, "Oh no, oh no, this is NOT good! I'll never get to the post office in time...!"

"Get what to the Post Office in time?" inquired Fujitsu, tilting his head.

The servant was now jogging in place. "I have a letter of utmost importance from Governor Wessel for a neighboring nation, and I'm supposed to deliver it to the Office in five minutes for the express cart! I'll be fired for sure...!"

The servant once again started to sprint to his far away destination, but Fujitsu grabbed a hold of his shoulder and said, "I'll do it for you. My specialty is speed."

He slid off his trunk and set it down by the open window of the cafe. He also took off his leather cloak, revealing an impressively fit figure for his age, as the cloak hid his upper body muscles from the world around it. His master didn't want them to be seen because of more relationship things, but now that he was away, Fujitsu figured it wouldn't hurt to take off his cloak just one time; it would only slow him down.

"Watch those for me, please." he requested as he sprinted with incredible speed past the servant.

Fujitsu had amazing speed, not just for his age, but for any age in general, which is one of the reasons he was a note-worthy fighter. He could avoid many attacks and strike before his opponents knew what hit them. He could also run through the crowded streets of Escartes and not bump into anybody because of his reaction speed, as well. He also was not getting tired anytime soon; he had an abundant source of energy that helped with long, dragged out battles and races, such as this current one with time.

Fujitsu was at the Office before he even knew it, and nearly crashed into the building. He skidded to a halt with a "KSSHHHHHH...!" inches away from its door, leaving a large dirt cloud behind him. He quickly brushed himself off before walking through the open doorway and onto the rug.

He walked up to the desk and said, "Pardon me, I have an important message from Governor Wessel that needs to be delivered straight away." He placed the envelope on the counter.

The worker who was on counter duty at the time was a shy female, and when she looked at Fujitsu, she replied, "Uuuuhh..." and blushed.

Fujitsu looked at her for a second then facepalmed his head. "Don't tell me I'm too late for the express...?"

"Oh! Oh, no, you didn't. The express mail isn't picked up until another three minutes," he replied, quickly getting a hold of herself.

Fujitsu stared at her for a couple of seconds with a shocked look on his face, finally yelling, "The hell!? Just how fast was I going!?? Cursez at mah insanity!!" shaking his fist at the ceiling.

The girl flinched, then asked, "What do you mean?"

"Uuuhh... nothing! Have a nice day!!" he said, bolting for the door, leaving the girl alone, blushing at her customer.

-=-Two minutes later-=-

"Woah! Just how fast were you going!? You have a minute left still!!" cried the shocked servant as he came sprinting back.

Fujitsu replied, "That exactly what I asked!" He once again shook his hand at the sky.

The man stared at Fujitsu for a second, but quickly regained himself. He took off his hat and informally bowed. "Well, whatever the case, I am in your debt, young swordsman."

"As you should be, for if that letter did not make it, you would have been fired."

The two of them looked to the front of the Chef's Hat and saw, in the doorway, Governor Wessel with a very serious look on his face, looking at the servant.

Fujitsu said, "Oh! Good Afternoon, Governor! What was in the letter?"

"That is private business," he replied, then he turned to the servant. "You really shouldn't have put that off, you know?"

"I know. Please forgive me..." he responded.

"Just make sure you don't do it again. As for you..." he added, turning to Fujitsu once more. Fujitsu tilted his head.

He held out his hand. "Give me your talon pouch."

Fujitsu did what he was told and gave him his talons, with a hint of suspicion. The Governor took out his own, opened both up, and poured talons from his own pouch to Fujitsu's. Fujitsu tilted his head until it touched his shoulder.

"Here's seventy-five talons for your trouble," he said handing back Fujitsu's pouch to him. "Thank you. Now you have a nice day."

Fujitsu eagerly accepted the talons and bowed deeply. "Iie, thank YOU. And don't tell me what to do; If I want to have a horrible day, I'll have one, alright!" he then ran grabbed his cloak and trunk and ran off to Cloaks and Daggers.

The End

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