Chapter 1: When in Doubt, do Underage GamblingMature

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Fortuna's Fashion

Aria looked around for a bit, and came across an outfit she really liked: a nice top and a pair of pants, stylish and durable... just her style. She looked at the price tag. It added up to 300 talons. She checked her pockets, and her heart sank: all she had was 57 talons.

She sat down and began to think. Where am I going to get 300 talons? She looked around at all the other customers. I suppose I could... no... I'll be caught for sure, and I bet I won't find 300 talons in one go. She looked outside, and perked up. There was a casino just a few yards away. Aria smiled. Just my luck.

She got up and headed for the casino.

Elven Outpost

Dronel pulled up a chair and sat down. "Well, the first question I have for you that will make me feel a little more at ease: Who are you?"

The End

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