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Fujitsu and Aria were walking down the corridor leading to the Mess Hall to find Kara and Click, admiring the beautiful art and decor that hung from the highly polished walls of the castle along the way. Luckily, the hall wasn't very crowded, because Fujitsu wasn't paying one ounce of attention to what was in front of him; his mind was too absorbed by everything else.

Aria, who was paying attention to where she was going, saw a figure emerge from the doors of the mess hall as Fujitsu was walking towards it completely unaware, cried, "Watch out!"

It was too late. Fujitsu and the man bumped into each other, the two of them falling on their backs, Fujitsu making a "Thunk" sound due to his trunk, and the man making the sound metal normally makes when it crashes to the ground ((The sound effect slips my mind)).

The man got up and walked out of the Mess Hall, revealing himself. It was Click. "I know the art is captivating, but you should still pay SOME attention to what's in front of you. Here," he added, stretching his hand for Fujitsu to pull him up.

Fujitsu replied, "Nah, I can get -NNGH- up by my -NNNGGH!!- SELF...!" Fujitsu struggled to get back up on his two feet, trying to arch his back forward, but the straps around his shoulder from the trunk were preventing him from doing so. He finally gave up, and just started waving his arms and legs around like a turtle on its back trying to get on its own two feet. Aria started giggling at the situation, then she noticed a painting on the wall that featured a turtle in the same situation, so she started laughing at the irony.

Click allowed a snort. "Well, you two have fun. I'm going into town for a bit, so I'll see you later," he said, walking past them.

Aria stopped laughing and curiously asked, "Why?"

"I have a friend that I wanted to visit," he replied looking back. "By the way, Fujitsu, I gave the note to Kara. I know you want to talk with everybody together, but it'll have to wait until later."

"N'kay. Buh-bye, genie-man," Fujitsu replied with an upside-down wave as Click strode off.

Aria thought for a moment, then said, "Maybe we should go into town too?"

Fujitsu thought for a moment as well, then rolled to the side and onto his knees. He got up, saying, "Well, there are a few shops that I've been wanting to check out, so I guess we should go."

He cleared his throat, then started running to the Main Gate, yelling, "OFF!! IN THE NAME OF THE GLORIOUS POTATO LORD OF FRYLAND!!! SIXTY-ONE!!!"

The End

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