Chapter 1: Sleep Acting FAILMature

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Elven Outpost

Conrad was finally waking up, but noticed that there were other people around him. Suddenly, he was hoping against hope he was with teh Elves, rather then those monsters. He could hear whispering, as though discussing something that they felt wasn't worth being open about. Likely him, since he was an oddity in this world. Cracking an eye enough to look out of, without appearing to do so, he looking around, seeing he was indeed among elves, but from the looks of things, this was a field hospital. Damn, it must have been that blow he had taken. His armor and kit, minus weapon and pack, were still on him, likely cause they didn't understand how to remove it. So, that meant his spare knife was still in it's sheath tucked under the right thigh holster. However, before he could make a move to it, he saw what seemed to be the healer and some sort of officer or noble come forward. "You don't need to hide your wakefulness. When your breathing ceased to be measured, we figured you were awake." The nurse said, soothing, while the officer merely looked on with a bit of disdain in his visage. "Heh, and I thought I was doing a good job sleeping." Conrad states, opening his eyes, and looking around fully. Sitting up, pulling the knife out under teh guise of using his hand to help him sit up, Conrad looked at the two. "So, lemme guess, I'm strange, seem to have powers beyond the norm, and you want answers, correct?" Conrad states, looking mainly at the officer.

The End

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