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Escartes Castle - Corridor

Aria continued walking when she bumped into someone who was on their knees as if looking for something. Aria fell down and landed on her bottom.

"Owwww... owowow... what was that?" Aria mumbled. Then she saw who it was: Fujitsu. Apparently he was looking for her, but why he was proceeding to do so as if he lost a contact lense was beyond her. Then again, Fujitsu didn't think on the same plain as the rest of them. Not that it's neccessarily a bad thing.

Spire of Kandrakar - Throne Room

Xeranad sat back down on his throne. The throne itself had angelic wings jutting out of the back, and they were more than just decoration: Should Xeranad desire privacy, he only need relax, and the wings would cover him in an angelic embrace. It allowed him momentary peace... and that was exactly what he desired right now. So, he let the throne do it's work. He drifted off into sleep...

Intermission: Fields of Quarr, present day Marsh of Lances

"Alexander! Wake up!" Gale shouted into Alex's ear. He woke up with a start, his right eye wide open, as his left eye was covered with an eyepatch and didn't work properly. Alex looked at Gale, his ears still ringing.

"What... the hell... was that for?" Alex seethed through gritted teeth. All Gale did was cross his arms. They stared at each other for a long time, then burst out into laughter.

After he calmed down a bit, Alex smiled. "Seriously, though. Why did you wake me up?"

Gale smiled back. "Matthias says it's time to go. Ryagar may have lost a majority of his forces, but he is still a threat. Just because we declawed that lion doesn't mean he can't bite us."

Alex stood up. "I know, I know. It's just been ages since I've had a chance to enjoy such a wonderful day. I must have dozed off thanks to the warm sun. Everything seems to be returning to normal."

Gale nodded. "Yes, the natural order that Ryagar disrupted has been mended. However, should we leave that demon alone, eventually he'll return, with a larger army than before." Gale turned his back to Alex for a moment. "The order of the world will not stay balanced as long as Ryagar is there to tip the scales."

Alex walked over next to Gale. "True, but once everything is over, we may never see each other again. We may die in the coming battle... and all I want right now is to enjoy this freedom that we fought so hard for." Alex looked directly at Gale, then turned his head to the path in front of him. "Race you to Matthias' tent?"

Gale smiled. "You're on."

And with that, the two heroes dashed off.

End Intermission

The End

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