Chapter 0: Exactly as Planned....Mature

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Elven Encampment - Medical Tent

"He seems to be coming to. He isn't awake yet, but he is getting there." The nurse stated her observation.

"That's good to hear." Captain Dronel remarked. "Once he's awake, I'll get some answers."

Outside the tent, however, was a man dressed in sky blue, black, and bright orange. He held out a pocket watch. He looked up at the sky and smiled. "Everything is going exactly as I foresaw it would. I'll be back later, Conrad, after the next chain of events. After all, as the last time mage, I need to make sure your part in this tale goes exactly as time has woven it." And with that, the man vanished into thin air, like sand in the wind: there one moment, and in the next, gone as if he never existed.

Forest of Ecwodar

The Stygians watched their prey's motions closely. They had one chance to ensure victory, and they were not going to screw it up. One of the Snipers pulled out a cigar and lit it. His buddy just shook his head in disbelief. They looked at each other for a moment and shared a laugh inside their heads.

It wasn't like they could even project the sound of a laugh with their messed up vocal cords anyway.

The End

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