Chapter 0: Just Like a HangoverMature

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Elven Outpost

As the healers began to treat Conrad, first by taking off his gear and setting it aside, he was slowly regaining consciousness, not enough to awaken, but enough to start thinking. First, they had been given faulty intel. This was followed by the unexpected ambush awaiting them. And lastly, there was the run that ended with only Conrad surviving. Now, what was going ot happen next was beyond his ability to think right now. All he knew, was that things had gone horribly wrong, and it had resulted in the death of 5 good Elarians. So for now, the ability to think, that was a blessing. Unless, the lack of feeling anything, but the thoughts in one's mind meant he was no longer among the living. But then, slowly, oh so very slowly, he started feeling the hands of someone, or something, no it had to be a someone, the hands were too feminine to be some monster's, and too gentle and sure to be a killer of any kind. A medic maybe? or more likely, an nurse or field doctor... Someone who understands the basics of handling the wounded.

The End

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