Chapter 0: Any Pirate Stygians While You're at it?Mature

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Forest of Ecwodar - Stygian Encampment

The Stygians were prepared to fight. The only thing they were waiting for was the order to go.

Kojiro stepped forward and raised his hand. One of the Snipers who was smoking a cigar between it's bright yellow teeth spat it out and stepped on it with his foot. A few other Stygians stopped playing their game of poker and looked up, card hands face down and the other hand on their weapons.

Kojiro only nodded. The Beastmasters saddled up on their scorpions, with the Dragoons right behind them. The Snipers followed on foot. The Bandits headed out in a different directions, and the Assassins silently creeped forward, following the Bandits at a good pace.

Kojiro turned to Acherak. "This will be over soon, Acherak. Very soon."

Elven Outpost

Captain Dronel walked over to the nurse and the two soldiers. "What's going on here?"

The soldiers first put the soldier down gently and saluted. "Sir Dronel! We found this strange soldier fighting the Stygians. He suffered a blow that would have been fatal to us, but he's still alive, albeit unconscience."

Dronel looked at the strange soldier and stated. "Have his wounds treated. Any enemy of the Stygians is a friend of ours right now. I'll need to talk to him, so make sure he doesn't leave when he wakes up. Try not to be too rough on him though."

The soldiers saluted. "Sir, yes Sir!"

The End

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