Chapter 0: Future Tech Will do ThatMature

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Elven Outpost

The Elven soldiers were still huffing their way forward, the weight from the soldier finally starting to effect them. Conrad was still out cold, nothing more then dead weight in the two elves arms. As they neared the Healer's tents, one of the nurses just walked out, trying to get a breath of fresh air from hte stench of the wounded, dead, and dieing that filled the tent, and spotted Conrad being pulled along. Rushing forward, she stops the two soldiers. "What happ- Who is this?" The nurse asked, not at all knowing of Conrad. The Elf holding his legs shrugged."YOur guess is as good as ours at this point. We found him fighting the Stygians, using strange weapons. Hell, he took a blow that would kill you or me, even with one of the best helmets we can make, and is still alive, unconscience, but alive." The elf stated, walking forward again, bringing Conrad's still form to an empty bed in the tent, the nurse in tow.

The End

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