Chapter 0: Ain't he a Stinka'?Mature

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Lord of Elarin's Office

Xeranad continued to sip his tea calmly. "Don't worry: when all is said and done, Elarin's entirety will belong to you, as I promised. However, I have one request for you: do you have a set of magitek armor ready? I wish to send it to a certain... associate of mine, should he be discovered. He is currently residing in Escartes."

Xeranad pulled something out of his sheathe: a small sword that radiated a dark aura. "In return, this will belong to you."

Garinos stared at the sword, dumbstruck. "How will I explain this blade?"

Xeranad shrugged. "Say the miners dug it up while searching through the remains of the Drow villages. I believe your friends are gullible enough to fall for that." He also handed him a small gem with a needle protruding from it. "Once the current Knight General has been dealt with, shove this in the back of the neck of his replacement. That should grant you power over him."

The End

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