Chapter 0: Nothing a Little Tea Won't HandleMature

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Lord of Elarin's Office

Lord Garinos nodded, unsure of just what his Lord was asking. Garinos had no idea how he was gonna get someone he could control to become Knight-General, since it was oft decided by a council vote, from 4 of the 5 castes as a replacement is needed. The 5 Castes of Elarin were The Governmental Caste, who managed and maintained the city, The Militia Caste, the soldiers who were only a small few were actually slotted into from birth, The Scholars Caste, the researchers, doctors, and other think and medical tanks in the city, The Miners Guild, the majority of hte people of Elarin were part of and did all hte other jobs that other castes did not handle, such as mining, farming, construction, all the hard labor work, and finally, The Artisans Guild, who operated the complex machines, Magitek, even the production of everything that the Miner's Guild didn't gather. But Garinos merely followed along, not at all wanting his Lord's wrath brought down upon himself. When Lord Xeranad sat down, and began to sip some sort of amber liquid, Garinos's curousity was piked. Sitting down as his lord instructed, Garinos took hte cup handed him, and took a sip. Its taste was unlike anything he had ever had, or dreamed of, before. Granted, water and mushroom/moss wine was about all they had, despite the advances they had made. When Xeranad asked about hte Drow, Garinos smiled. "Well my Lord, they are from the minor Drow Cities we had come across in the early days after the Fall of Elarin, but we simply fought them, trying to keep what was ours. I managed to convince them that I, in your name, could give them more power amongst the other Cities, if they helped me show just how little our Militia Caste is able to do when it isn't the picking it's fights. However, We mustn't move too fast in the time table, because we will still have some, if not most, of hte Militia still in hte city able to respond. However, that plan might not go so well, since someone from the recent Recon Team survived... They were all supposed to have been killed, to give Knight-General Brenner an excuse to deploy the Militia Caste to hte surface. Because, there, the Militia is their most vulnerable. However, I will not be granting the Drow their wishes, but rather, show them what has become of hte major Drow Cities, the ones you have taken. They get me what I want, Elarin herself, and you get more subjects to enslave. The Drow though, despite their numbers, do have major flaws in their style. Their armor can't even stop their own weapons, much less ours. They rush blindly, which would give the Militia pretty much target practice, and they are too easily reduced to squabbling factions, even within the members of teh same group." Garinos told his lord, starting on his third cup of tea.

The End

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