Chapter 0: He Hopes That he Will not be DissapointMature

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Lord of Elarin's Office

Xeranad turned his back to Garinos. "Tch... perhaps you should try a more... aggresive approach." Xeranad summoned a needle out of thin air and handed it to Garinos. "Put this in the food of the head of the Militia caste."

Garinos' eyes were filled with terror. "Why?"

Xeranad shook his head. "If he swallows it, it will kill him. The internal damage would be so great that his body would shut down permanently, regardless of what medical advancement is capable of. If the damage is too great, then not even elvish medicine can save you." Xeranad chuckled. "Once he is gone, get someone to replace him, someone you can control. That way, you will have control over two castes instead of one."

Garinos began to understand Xeranad's reasoning. "I'm... not sure if I can do this... but I'll try."

Xeranad smiled beneath his mask. "You better, for your sake. Otherwise, I'll just take over Elarin without your help. You've given me enough information anyway. Once the time is right, I'll have the entire caste system destroyed and everything will be peaceful. Heck, I could bring Elarin to the surface if you want me to. You'll have a definite place in my new world... if you don't disappoint me."

Xeranad sat down and pulled off his mask. It was still dark, so Garinos wasn't exactly able to see it, but he did see a scar over his left eye. Xeranad sipped up an amber liquid. "Now then... stop whimpering and join me for some tea. It'll calm the nerves. I want to hear about how the drow you've enlisted are doing."

The End

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