Chapter 0: Villains FTWMature

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Spire of Kandrakar - Castle Heart: Channel Opened to Garinos' Office

Xeranad glared at Garinos. "Do you know of what became of your recon team?"

Garinos looked at him, confused. "No... why do you ask?"

Xeranad stared at him. "Are you honestly that stupid? You just left your recon team there without any means of knowing what was going to happen?"

Garinos was shocked by what Xeranad was saying. "I... I thought that they would be killed by-"

"NO, you DIDN'T think at ALL!" Xeranad emphasized. "While the majority of the unit was indeed obliterated, they caused a distraction long enough for the elves to push my Stygians back! One of them survived! I'm holding you personally responsible!"

"Wait! Don't do anything rash!" Garinos pleaded.

To Garinos' surprise, the pool lit up. For the first time, he saw the full form of Xeranad, especially his eyes. Then it dawned on him: why did he look so close?

Xeranad was inside his office. Standing only three feet away from him.

"H-how... how did you do that?!" was the first thing Garinos was able to say.

Xeranad laughed. "Be glad I'm merciful. I'm here to talk to you... face to face. I hope this room will supply us with some privacy. If not, perhaps I should give you a tour of my castle? We have a pleasant view from the balcony..."

Garinos eyes widened. "No thank you. This room is private enough." He locked the door to make sure.

Forest of Ecwodar - Stygian Encampment

Kojiro saw Acherak's huge form enter the tent. "What kept you?"

"Gathering forces isn't as quick as you'd like it to be." Acherak huffed.

Kojiro pointed to the map. "Well, anyway, the plan is actually simple enough for even you to understand: Using the Beastmasters and Dragoons as a diversion, the Snipers will take out as many of the soldiers as they can from these three vantage points. This should create another diversion necessary for our goal: the commanding officers. The Bandits will scout ahead and make sure the routes the Assassins will take is safe. Then, the Assassins do the rest. I hope none of this went over your head."

Acherak shook his head. "I'm actually rather impressed with the speed with which you came up with this plan."

Kojiro shrugged. "I didn't become Xeranad's second just by sword skills alone. Let's get this started."

The End

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