Chapter 0: Future Past Present Societies?Mature

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Forest of Ecwodar

The leves were pulling the still, but breathing form, of Conrad, towards the healers. "Damn, this, person, sure weighs a lot!" Grumbled one of two elves pulling Conrad along. Neither of them were happy they had been pulled off hte front line just to help some stranger who didn't even look like anything htey had ever seen or heard of. The white hair sticking out from under hte helmet sure didn't look like it had been dyed, and the light complexion as though he had never been in hte sun were odd to them. That, and the fact he had also used strange weapons, granted, against the Stygians, but still, the way he moved was like no soldier or army they had seen, and hte emblem etched into one of his shoulder pads was strange to them. It was a pike, with a star embedded in the center of hte pole, with a star-light sky around the head of hte pike, and an ocean surrounding the lower 4th of hte pole. Then hte fact his armor was unlike any they had seen. It didn't really seem to have been designed to protect completely like the plate mail it resembled, and yet, it seemed to offer the mobility of being in leather. The chest piece though, seemed to have loops on it, as through to fit things through, and some pouches had already been slotted in, and filled with strange, thin, boxes. "Why do you think they want him alive? Hell, he should be dead from hte blow he took when he found him!" The other elf stated, as the healer's tents began to come into view.

Lord Garino's Office, Elarin

Garinos sighed, handing another sheet of paper to hte aide in front of his desk. The Council of The Castes had again voted against him to expand the Research and Recon Command group by another 20 Militia and Scholars, and all hte supplies and equipment needed for both. 'DAMN IT! Don't they realize how vulnerable we are on hte surface? We're safer here, where we can control where our enemies come from. But no, they're still in love with the tales of hte surface our ancestors and the still living Survivors tell them!' Garinos was ranting in his head, when his scrying pool turned to teh pitch black that his Lord used. Standing up, and locking the door to his room, Garinos then shutters all the curtains, turning the room dark. Walking to the pool, Garinos wonders what it was that his lord would want with him at this time.

The End

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