Chapter 0: FI-FI-FO-FUMMature

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Forest of Ecwodar

Ackerak was infuriated. The archers had been dealt with, and yet they still managed to screw up their assault. This had gone on long enough.

"Now u've gone an' done et. This time... Ah'll kill a' o' ye." Acherak grabbed his gigantic flail, the spiked ball's diameter being roughly equivalent to that of a human's height, and slammed it into the trees. The wood splintered and shattered, wounding many elven warriors.

"That's enough, Ackerak. You seem to have forgotten that our lord wants as many of them alive as possible." Ackerak turned and saw Kojiro. Ackerak was still seething, but knew that Kojiro was the only warrior Xeranad ever fought to a draw. Ackerak pulled the ball back and wrapped the chain around his shoulders.

"What do ye suggest a' do? Witdraw an' regroup?" Ackerak raised an eyebrow, though the effect was lost since his helmet concealed his facial expressions.

Kojiro walked forward. "You're thinking about this too aggresively. A full on assault isn't the best way to utilize your resources Ackerak. Why don't we try a more... subtle approach?" Ackerak crossed his arms, disapprovingly.

"Ah'm a Titan, Kojiro. Our race 'as neva been known for subtlety." Ackerak replied flatly.

"Which is why your race was defeated. Seriously, I was surprised that trick worked: Xeranad using a senator's sedan chair to sneak in without anyone stopping to check who was in it?" Kojiro looked over his shoulder at Acherak. "I'm honestly surprised the Titan's were able to create an empire that lasted as long as it did if they fell from such a simple tactic."

Ackerak said nothing. He was right. The guards had been to a party the night before and had drunken themselves under a table... the idiots couldn't have kept a skinny clown out of the Empire's capital, let alone Lord Xeranad.

Kojiro stared forward. "Xeranad gave me the go ahead to aid you in taking this forest, by any means necessary. Get the Beastmasters, Dragoons, Snipers, Bandits, and Assassins ready. I'll inform you of the battle plan once that's done."

Acherak glared at Kojiro, then walked away to do as he was told. There was no arguing with Xeranad's second in command.

Spire of Kandrakar - The Castle Heart

Xeranad opened the channel that allowed him to communicate with his subordinates. He pressed the tiles until he got Garinos' quarters. "Garinos... you and I need to have a little discussion."

The End

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