Chapter 0: *Holder Until Chapter Name Can Be Thought Of*Mature

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"The Brightness that pierces the dark?Click read it. Poetry wasn't crazy-dude's strongsuite, but still.

"Anyone see the snake-lady?"

"You mean 'Kara'?"

"Yeah, her."


"Right." He started off walking, then suddnly stopped, "Which way is that?"

They all pointed, surprised the demigodesque Click didn't know. He started off and got to thinking about it. Even if did look awesome, it should, he made it, Click realized a fake sword isn't that useful in combat. Then he remembered the last fight he was in, not counting getting pushed and falling into a room with Xeranad, involved him getting dragged out of a mess-hall-tent thing screaming and throwing drugs in the food. He wasn't much use in combat either. Then inspiration hit as he walked into the kitchen.

Before talking to Kara he grabbed a bottle of ketchup and turned the paper over, drawing two images on it. A pneumatic spring blade device and an air pump filled with certain chemicals. He looked at it for a moment, he might not be a fighter, but he was a thinker.

Then he noticed Kara not to far from him and walked over.

The End

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