Chapter 0: Fighters of the BrightMature

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Fujitsu was crawling on the hard ground outside of the Hospital Bay's windows, convinced that Aria had somehow shrunk down to the size of a pea and was hiding in the clovers and flowers. Or was it the mutton that he had dropped on the floor from earlier? Either way, he was on his knees and poking his eyes with each individual blade of grass when he heard Click.

When he first heard him yell "HEY! Everyone in here!", Fujitsu immediately stood up to see what Click was going to go on about and peered over the windowsill. What he heard confused him a bit. He said "WE", and not the usual "Watashi wa--", I mean, "I". The next the he heard was "CLICK WILL KILL XERANAD!!", and expected Click to reply, "Yes, yes I will," making it the usual cheering excuse, but then, "NO. We will, me and the greatest heroes I know. Remember their names, Fuijitsu, Aria, and- umm, uhh, what the snake-chick's name again?" entered his ears.

Fujitsu just stared at him, not knowing what emotion to feel. He felt happy-- no, wait he felt hopeful-- No, that's not it... What emotions am I feeling??

Suddenly, though, Fujitsu had an idea. He slipped of his trunk and took out some paper and a brush. He scribbled down something on it, folded it up into a paper airplane, and threw it at Click and ran away to find Aria-- With new reason.

The plane hit Click on the side of the head, causing him to slightly flinch. As the paper started to fall, Click grabbed it out of the air and opened it up. It read:


Click+Aria+Kara+Fujitsu= Fighters of the Bright
I'll find Aria, you find Kara. When we are called together again, let's meet up and discuss what we're going to do.
We will be the brightness that pierces the darkness known as the Shadow War.

Kamoguchi Fujitsu

The End

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