Chapter 0: A Perfectly Good Reason to be AngryMature

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Spire of Kandrakar - Xeranad's Private Quarters

Xeranad was still looking out the window when there was a knock at the door. "You are allowed to enter."

Kojiro walked in and bowed. "My lord, Venice has departed for Liamson. The should arrive there within two weeks at the latest."

Xeranad turned away and walked back towards the mirror. "Excellent. And what of the events at Ecwodar?"

Kojiro didn't answer immediatly. He waited and then replied. "M-my lord, I'm afraid to inform you that the recon team from Elarin caused our forces a distraction, and gave the Elves the opportunity they needed to push us back. Forgive us for our incompetence."

No sooner had he finished this sentence did the mirror Xeranad was facing crack. Kojiro felt an icy chill in the air. Xeranad turned to him. "Garinos... I can not trust him to perform even the most menial of tasks, now can I?" Xeranad finished redressing, and walked briskly out of the room, Kojiro tailing him.

"My lord, where are you going?"

Xeranad kept walking as he replied. "To have a little chat with Garinos. In the meantime, go to Ecwodar and work with Ackerak in taking Ecwodar. I don't care how you do it. Burn the entire forest to the ground if need be. Just put those damned tree huggers in their place."

Kojiro halted, and answered. "As you command, my master, and so it shall be." Kojiro then headed out of the castle.

Escartes Castle - Balcony Overlooking the Royal Gardens

Aria looked down at the royal gardens. The flowers that bloomed here were exceptionally beautiful, almost like those crafted from the imagination. It was enough to make Aria forget who she was for a moment.

However, Xeranad's masked face haunted her, especially that sick, twisted pleasure that shown in his eyes. It was enough to make Aria want to vomit.

She unbuttoned her shirt a bit, and looked down at her chest. Right above her heart was a scar, a deep one... that never faded away after five years. It was there ever since she woke up in her village. What was it's significance?

Aria buttoned her shirt back up and sighed. What Click said bothered her. "He says that something tragic happened to Xeranad... what exactly could be tragic enough for someone to forsake everything around him?" Aria shrugged it off. "Regardless of what he was, all he is now is a monster that needs to be vanquished." She headed back into the castle.

The End

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