Chapter 0: And That Snake-Chick Thing, too!Mature

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Click just wached Fujitsu leave the room and sat down on the bed. The light from the window hit him in the back, the glow radiation down across the room and leaving his face in darkness.

He is willing to fight for a brighter tommorrow, why? He'll fight to death for it, then what's the point?? Click looked up. What's the point?! 

Click then heard the people outside talking. They were telling all these stories about what happened.

"I heard that after Click shot that one girl with his black-lightning Click jumped in and looked at Xeranad's face. Then, why everyone else was shaking in fear, he just said 'boo' and Xeranad wet himself and ran."

"Well, I heard that Click summoned an army of Lamias and Lycans out of thin air and sent them after Xeranad, nearly killing him!"

"I heard-"

Why did I ever make up that stupid name?? 

Click's hands clapped each side of his head, covering his ears. He closed his eyes as they slowly started watering up. He had a strange feeling, something he had never felt before. Guilt. He never felt bad for his actions before, never really having to face them. Those people outside were worshipping him, a false idol.

Suddenly he smiled.

Fujitsu. Aria. That snake-woman-person-whatever whose name he never caught. They were all heroic, more then he was. They were him. They were the real Click. He felt hope.

He his hands fell down to the side and he looked out the window, the light warming his face, his smile grew. Those people outside had it, just by him showing up. Maybe that was the point of who he was, to bring hope. He was a legend, a myth, a popular story that made people feel better. 

Click stood up and walked to the window. He could see the people moving around. Then he went marching out the door in to the room. Sometimes, there is a little truth in a story. 

"HEY! Everyone in here!!" He shouted triumphantly. His hands clapping together.

The heads turned looking at him, even the injured. A hush silence filled the room, it was Click.

"WE will go and find Xeranad and stop him. I don't care what it takes, I don't care, if we die trying- well," he swallowed, "What I mean is, Xeranad's end is COMING."


"NO. We will, me and the greatest heroes I know. Remember their names, Fuijitsu, Aria, and- umm, uhh, what the snake-chick's name again?"


"AND KARA!!!" He quickly grabbed his sword, and in one moved pulling it out and pointing it at the sky. "XERANAD AND THE STYGIANS END IS NIGH!!"

The End

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