Chapter 0: A Hero is YOU!Mature

(Originally posted on Thu Jul 09, 2009)

After Aria walked out of the room, Click came in a second later, with a slightly sad look on his face. He didn't really notice where he was walking until he bumped into Fujitsu's front. He freaked out for a second before remembering where he was and who he bumped into.

"Ne, are you alright, Click?" Fujitsu asked, studying his face.

"Uh.. uh, yes, yes I am!" he said, quickly adopting a heroic pose.

Fujitsu nodded, and his right hand almost pecked him again, but Fujitsu speedily caught it. He then started jamming it into his mouth and began chomping down hard on it. He immediately spat it out a second later and grasped it in pain, kneeling down on the floor, his face grimacing. Click shook his head, thinking, Yeah... He's insane alright...

Fujitsu then quickly turned to him and asked, "Did you see Aria walk out just now? Was she hobbling or anything?"

He shook his head. "No, I wasn't really paying attention." He looked up at Fujitsu, and he noticed his troubled face. "You just found out something about, didn't you?"

Fujitsu's face once again registered shock and surprise. He yelled, "GENIE!! YOU'RE A GENIE!!" and pointed at him.

"Well? What did she tell you?" persisted Click.

Fujitsu looked at him for a second, then looked at the ground with a face mixed with sadness and anger. "Her story is similar to mine... Xeranad... Just who the HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS!!?" he finished yelling. He back fisted the teacup on the tray, and the fragile china shattered into a thousand pieces, all being swept away by the hot tea that inhabited it. Click flinched.

He clenched his fist and made an angry face. Why did Xeranad spare her...!? he thought furiously. What was he thinking?? Did he want to see what would happen if he left one survivor after the raid, or did he already know and wanted to see her suffer the rest of her life knowing that everybody she once loved and cared about is dead!!?

Fujitsu stayed like that for a minute before lightening up. When he finally calmed down, he said, "I'm sorry for my behavior. I just..."

"Can't believe what a monster he is and can't stop thinking about Aria's feelings?"

Fujitsu didn't reply, but he was again amazed that Click was able to read his thoughts like a book. It was as if he studied the subject... Fujitsu took a deep breath, and sighed.

"I'm going to check up on her," Fujitsu said abruptly, walking towards the door with a fast pace. 

Before he turned the doorknob, Click suddenly asked, "Why did you decided to become a hero?"

Fujitsu paused, his hand on the diamond knob. After a minute, he answered, "I didn't decided to become a hero. It's not my place to decide that. The reason why I FIGHT, though, is because I believe in a brighter tomorrow, and I don't want anymore innocent people to suffer the same fate countless others have. I want to help insure that bright future, even if I have to give my own life. I swear," he added, placing his other hand on a Holy Bible that lay on the table beside the door. With that, he turned the knob and walked out, looking for Aria.

On the way, Fujitsu started to wonder, why did he care about Aria so much? Why? Was it because of their similar, fate, or was it because he felt lonely, that he wanted a friend...? Never had he a friend before, because they either stayed away from him or his master wouldn't allow it. But Aria actually showed that she at least didn't mind Fujitsu. Was there a chance for him actually making a friend...?

The End

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