Chapter 0: ForeshadowingMature

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The Spire of Kandrakar - Xeranad's Private Quarters

Xeranad sat down in front of the mirror. He removed his mask and stared straight into his own phantasmal eyes. He then removed the clawed gauntlet from his left arm, and then proceeded to remove the rest of his armor. He looked at his form: stuck forever as a young man in his late 20's. He still bore the scars from all those years ago: one across his left eye, one dead center of his chest, and another in the center of his back.

Xeranad then thought deeply. "So... I've made more enemies... seems like the only thing I'm good for these days..." He then saw the reflection of the painting hanging from the opposite wall. He turned around and gazed at it. "Why did I desire eternal life? When I couldn't share it with anyone else? Not even you?"

In the painting was a young girl, in her mid 20's. She had golden hair that curled naturally, which she kept in a single ponytail to her left side. She wore a white dress, and the painting was adorned in roses.

Xeranad sighed, stood up, and walked over to the window. He faced the direction of Escartes, and looked beyond that, towards the Flames of Genesis. "I almost have it in my grasp..."

Escartes Castle - Hospital Bay

Aria sat up and tried to stand, but immediatly fell over. Fujitsu looked at her, concerned. "Are you alright? Are you sure you should be moving around right now?"

Aria got up. "I should be dead..." Fujitsu looked at her, a surprised look on her face. "This is the second time that bastard spared me..."

Fujitsu stared at her. "Spared you...?"

Aria sat down on the bed. "About five years ago, Xeranad came to my village. Unlike previous raids, however, he wanted no survivors. Our village only survived by stealing from others, and apparently, Xeranad took it upon himself to discipline us. He murdered my family, my friends, and I was sure he was going to kill me. I blacked out just as he himself was walking over to me... but when I came too, I was inside the remains of my village... nothing left but smoldering piles of wood and stone... he didn't spare anything... not the women, children, animals, or trees. The only thing spared was me and a single rosebush..." Aria's hands clenched into a fist. "Even though he condemned me to die, he spared me. Why? I hate him, not because he killed all those I held dear to my heart, but because he filled my heart with self-doubt... I never second guessed myself until he spared me. And now I'm still alive after another run in with him... Who does he think he is? My father?!"

Aria teared up, but she held it in. She sighed. "That's why I came here. I'm not interested in becoming a hero at all. I want him to answer for what he did to me. I cannot find peace until he tells me why he let me live..." She stood up and walked out of the room.

The End

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