Chapter 0: Epic "Pet"Mature

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Kara was sleeping in a window. She woke up.. there was some flowers beside her. She flipped up the label... apparently she had saved the King according to them. Kara sighed. The King's injuries were far from major. At most he was just roughed up. Most Kara did was make sure there was nothing really serious. Around the corner somebody was whispering, "Click can even summon Lamias to do his bidding. This was just one of five who appeared in front of Xeranad, when Click told Xeranad to go away."

"Oh wow, I am glad we have Click fighting for us."

"Xeranad won't know what hit him"

Kara tilted her head and sighed. She had heard her villagers tell stories like this. Most of the time they were a lot different than what happened. The people telling them would believe them to their death. She had tried to tell a few of them the truth. Its easier to allow them to believe what they needed to, just to keep going.

Kara propped one of the flowers in her hair, above her left ear. Kara was hungry now... maybe the Kitchen would have some mutton. She slithered down there, with some people taking note of her as "Click's Pet". She gets to the kitchen and a few soldiers she her coming in. They had heard some silly rumour of her, one came up and asked her, "what is it like healing Click? I heard he got a horrible leg wound a few years, and that it got in the way of him fighting off Xeranad."

Kara answers honestly, "naw, Click didn't require any healing in this battle."

The soldier goes back to the others, "you hear _that_ Click faced Xeranad _without_ injury! The war is as good as won."

Kara gets to where the cook puts out the food. The cook flips his hat and goes, "what can I do for the healing of Click?"

Kara rolls her serpant eyes, and askes, "got any mutton?"

Without much of a question, Kara was handed a leg of lamb, with the cook answering "give Xeranad hell."

(((OOC: My deepest condolences to Click)))

The End

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