Chapter 0: A Walking StorybookMature

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Even if Click could read it, he didn't completely understand it. Fujitsu would have done anything to save Aria, that was, oddly, who he was. 'Oddly' since that was something Click couldn't really grasp. He had told stories of being like that, here are people who live like that.

He leaned against the wall outside, staring at the sky. Is there something wrong with these people? Who would be willing to DIE at all, let alone for another person? What's the point of dying a hero, if you're not alive to enjoy the glory?

That's when he heard it. "So, then he lunged in to the room and said something to Xeranad. No one else could hear him, but Xeranad left."

"So, Click scared Xeranad away?!?! WOW!"

"I know, right?"

Click walked back into the hospital before they could see him. For once, it all sounded so... hollow. He felt empty. He reached back and touch his cardboard sword 'Truth', it was as fake as he was. He smiled remembering when he told people the story of how he got it, crafted from the magmas of the Earth by time, named for what the wielder must fight for, and after many people tried to pull it from the cliff-side only Click could do it. It was a nice story, but only a story. 

He was just a story.

The End

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