Chapter 0: The True Insanity From WithinMature

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Fujitsu was about to walk into the infirmary with a wooden tray that with two teacups filled with hot, steaming tea when came walking out, somewhat in deep thought. The two of them nearly bumped into each other, but after Fujitsu bumped into Kara, and the scene with Xeranad, Fujitsu was more alert than before, and smoothly slid around Click as it he were on ice skates, avoiding collision. Click flinched.

"Click, what're you doing here?" Fujitsu asked.

Click replied, "I was paying the girl a visit, you know, to make sure she was alright."

"How is she?" Fujitsu inquired.

Click smiled. "Don't worry, she just woke up. She's fine."

Fujitsu gave a breath of relief, saying, "Phew... That's good to hear... Well, I'mma go in now. See ya' around."

"Uh... Yeah, sure..." Click responded hesitantly, walking off, but then he stopped and said, "Also, you couldn't have held her back even if you tried; she was to determined to kill Xeranad. You don't have to feel so guilty."

Fujitsu, who was about to open the door, nearly dropped the tea as Click finished his sentence. His head snapped to where he was standing. "How...?"

"Never mind that. I'll see you around." And with that, Click walked off.

Still looking in his direction, Fujitsu slowly opened the door and walked in, carefully balancing the tray on his left hand. When he walked in, he closed the door as slowly as he came in and turned around to see Aria's eyes open. Fujitsu gave a breath of relief and walked up to the left side of her bed and set the tea tray by the white wooden nightstand.

"It's good to see that you're okay," Fujitsu said, smiling and handing her a cup of the steaming tea.

She accepted the tea, saying, "Thank you," in her usual quiet voice.

Fujitsu laughed, "That was some stunt you pulled there, and I thought that just talking to the monster was an extreme one that only the insane could pull off.
"But," he continued in a more serious, yet quite, voice, "You shouldn't have done that, you could have been killed. I know what the need of revenge feels like; I was feeling the same thing at the moment."

Aria stared at him.

Fujitsu sighed. "My entire kingdom was destroyed by Xeranad and his minion onions when I was only three, and I remember the day perfectly... I wanted to strike him down but then I remembered that revenge is blind, and by running into battle blindly, you're giving the enemy an advantage that could kill you."

Aria looked down and away from Fujitsu, embarrassed. Fujitsu noticed that and immediately smiled. "Listen, I don't blame you, I know what it feels like, and had it not been for my master, I would have been dead by the time I saw Xeranad. I just know how to control my emotions a bit-- OW!!!"

Fujitsu yelled out in pain due to a fist being jammed in is face, but it wasn't Aria's. It was... his own. Fujitsu looked at his hand in surprise, and then it started pecking at his head.

"OW!! Why are you pecking at me, O evil hand of mine!?" Fujitsu asked.


"Well you don't have to start attacking me, me... YOW!!" he added with his right foot kicking ass.

"NOOO!! Not you too!?" Fujitsu cried. "WHY AM I TRYING TO MAKE MYSELF CRAZY AGAIN!!?"

"BECAUSE IT'S NORMAL FOR YOU!!!" his and and leg "answered".

Fujitsu fell onto the ground after his right leg kicked out his left leg with a "thud". Fujitsu said, "Alright..! I'll be crazy again, just stop hurting me..."

After a couple of seconds, his they both said, "Alright," and let Fujitsu have control of them again. Fujitsu looked around and cautiously stood up, once again experiencing his previous knee pains. He looked at Aria and cried happily, raising his hands and hopping, "Yatta! Another crisis averted! You're going to have to deal with my insanity for a bit, though, as I volunteered to look after you as you healed, n'kai?"

The End

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