Chapter 0: ... Wait, What?Mature

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"Strange thing to say when you first wake up." Click smiled, looked at Aria

"Well, he-"

"I mean for you to say, to be more exact."

Aria looked at him, starting to wonder why he was there, any hero-worship she had for him didn't really get into her mnd.

"You care about people. That's who you are, and even your hatred for Xeranad didn't start as hatred for him did it? It was hatred for the pain he's caused people, and now you feel it for him. All of it, everytime you even think of him."

"Why are you here?"

"You took a hard blow, I thought I better come check on you." Click lied slightly. He figured no one would bother him why he thought about it. Xeranad's power wasn't all just a story, but Click still tried to believe some of the stories were fictional or exagerrated.

"I don't think I can hate him."

"He' a killer."

"If I loved and-" Click stopped for a second, "And his friend..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Just something I noticed, he really loved once, he was, at least once upon a time, a good person. He lost someone and now, like a child throwing a tantrum, or maybe he's trying to control or, I don't know. But he's hurt." He got up, "I wonder how that's even possible." He walked off leaving her.

The End

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