Chapter 0: The Godmod WeaponMature

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Conrad and his team were dumbstruck. Time mages? Weren't they merely a legend? While Conrad took the gauntlet with confusion, the sudden return of sound from the Stygians resumed they're charge. "SH*T!" Conrad grunts, almost instinctively sliding the gauntlet on, so as to have less to worry about as he raised his rifle once more. But now, the Stygians had closed in, and the rifles and LMGs the team had brought with them now proved useless, and were slung in favor of knives and some shortswords. The team was slowly falling back, trying to hold the Stygians at bay, but first one, then a second Militiaman fell to the relentless push of hte Stygians. As the team neared hte Elven lines, a third Militiaman fell, a Stygian blade having gone clean through her chest and coming out of her pack. Things were starting to look grim for hte team, as a fourth fell, and finally the fifth member of hte team was killed. Conrad was fighting a losing battle, and as a Stygian club swung around, he instinctivly reached out and grasped it, with the gauntleted hand, which seemed to, instead of grabbing the weapon, the claws seemed to hyperextend, going right into the Stygian holding hte blub, who was now frozen as though his soul no longer was there. And Conrad gasped, and pulled his hand back, he saw the claws had pulled something pulled something else with it, even as the Stygian who the thing once was in collapsed. Conrad, and it seemed the Stygians, were shocked into stiffness, even as Elves began to close in on hte position, which stirred the Stygians into action, one of whom were able to hit Conrad in the head, helmet and all, knocking him to the ground, unconscience, as the Elven lines swept over the spot.

The End

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