Chapter 0: Apparently not.Mature

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Kara was somewhat jittery... she had been applying her Painside ability to everybody who was a hero. Generally most were very fit, and in good shape. However once she saw Xerenad she knew that somebody might get hurt. The guards long since had corpse status, so they just needed a hot rock to rest on... well apart from the one with his intestinal tracts around his neck.

When she metabolised the lightning Aria got, it surprised her. Mind you, it was far from the worst pain she metabolised. It was very quick... there is a lot of just as painful deaths that get stretched over time. Many of the sick people in her hospital were in as much pain. Anyways she used the energy to make sure everybody was okay. Taking special attention to King Gallon.

Kara was starting to feel a little tired. She looked around, "I need a nap, and curled up in front of the window."

Most people noted that she was pretty much the only nurse to take care of the two victims and was very good at making sure everyone else was okay. And she did a quick and fast job while doing it... though nobody really knew Lamias well, so they let her rest in the heat.

The End

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