Chapter 0: ... Lightning Hurts?Mature

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At the same time as Xeranad electrocuted Aria, Fujitsu rearmed himself with his blade and started to charge forward, screaming, "I WARNED YOU!!!" even though Xeranad hadn't crossed the line. He was about to leap to him him when he noticed the look on his face. He quickly looked back, and was shocked to see Aria still alive, rather than turned into a steaming pile of dust and bones.

He immediately sprinted to her to and knelt down, asking, "Are you okay??"

She tried to reply, but instead coughed up more blood. Fujitsu slipped off his trunk and rummaged through it, producing a cloth in a matter of seconds. "You can use this to cough into, 'kai? Where's that snake-girl-nurse person thingy!?" he added, looking around.

While Kara was confused as to what this "snake-girl-nurse person thingy" was, she thought that probably meant her, and slithered up to them.

"Uhh... Kara wassit? Can you do anything to help her at the moment?" Fujitsu inquired.

She replied, "While I she will need treatment in the infirmary, I can remove her pain."

Fujitsu nodded. "Please do. When you're done, I'll take her... Unless if there's still something for me to do?"

He stood up and looked around. Nobody seemed to have anybody to say. When he looked back, Kara was already done, and Aria coughed up blood a few more times. He knelt down and picked her up saying, "'Kai! Send for me if I'm needed!! I'll be at the infirmary, of course!" And with that he sprinted off, not noticing that he left his trunk behind.

The End

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