Chapter 0: Obligatory Survival PowersMature

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Castle Escartes - Throne Room

Xeranad stared at Click. "If you are referring to the incident this morning, yes, I killed that woman myself. She was to be my mistress, but what I saw in her... displeased me. So, I did away with her. I must say, it did wonders for her appearance..." Xeranad chuckled. Aria looked at Xeranad with compounding hatred.

Xeranad turned away. "Hate me if you wish, hero, but I do not desire any pity. Pity is a form of sympathy, and sympathy is a form of weakness." He looked directly into King Gallon's eyes. "I ask you again: Will you allow my servants to occupy this area for a short while? I will leave afterwards and that will be the last you will ever see of us. You have my word."

Gallon shook his head. "No, Xeranad. I cannot allow it. The people of Escartes despise you, and if I were to allow you to occupy my kingdom, the kingdom would despair. I will not have that happen."

Xeranad glared at him. "Very well. That was your last chance. Just remember, when your precious kingdom is burnig to cinders, that I offered you my hand in friendship... and you spit upon it." Xeranad turned around and faced the heroes, walking toward his sword.

Aria could not bear it any longer. She drew her daggers and charged forward. "XERANAD!!!"

What happened next shocked everyone. Aria was electrocuted by black lightning and slammed back into the wall. Even Xeranad himself was surprised. "What the hell? Normally that would have immediatly killed you and all that would be left would be a pile of smoldering ashes..." Xeranad walked forward and withdrew his blade from the ground. Aria was coughing up blood.

She stared at Xeranad with hatred. "Why..."

Xeranad didn't bother answering. He sheathed his blade and vanished in a cloud of darkness.

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The End

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