Chapter 0: Those Perceptive EyesMature

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So, Fuijitsu really is insane, huh? Click watched him coyly, he hadn't yet found a chance to escape yet. He was stuck just a little behind the door, if he moved back they would see him, if he moved forward, well, he'd get 'Xeranadded'.

"What are you waiting for?" He heard someone whisper from behind him.

"Click, put his head on a pike, now!"

"Go, go now!"

Suddenly he was shoved forward and fell into the room, face down, and looked up seeing his reflection in the blade. He leaped back and looked at it, jammed in the floor, and then he saw him. Xeranad.

That's when he saw something else. He saw who Xeranad was.

Click just stared at him, shaking, before finally realizing it.

"Who was she?" he just looked at him


"That girl that died. She was murdered, wasn't she?" He swallowed standing up, he was terrified but he had to come up with something to look like a hero, "Better yet, I have a better question. Why did you kill him? Your friend I mean."

Everyone just looked at him.

"I'm not sure if I should be more scared of you or pity you."

The End

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