Chapter 0: As if he Didn't Know it AlreadyMature

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Fujitsu blushed. He knew that bandit girl's giggle was for him, and rarely did any girl giggle like that about him, unless if you count cracking up at his sheer "insanity"/ stupidity a giggle, and they normally never saw him or kept their distance because of that. He, while not timidly, thanked her a bit quietly for the compliment. By then his face was red, and was very tempted to pull up his hood in an attempt to hide it. This was probably because Jonou had never let Fujitsu have any relationships with anybody, and he didn't really know how to react in a situation like this. Especially with a girl.

He swiftly threw his trunk on his back and followed suit with the others when the Prince called them forth to meet the King in the throne room. He was excited as to what the King wanted to do about.. well, everything! He was eager to do anything to take down Xeranad, except if it meant hurting the innocent, because then it would have been all for naught in Fujitsu's opinion.

When they reached the two soldiers, Fujitsu immediately armed himself with his double-bladed katana and took a low fighting stance. All that was going through his mind at the moment was who could have done this and how they could do it without anybody noticing them? He had a very nasty and uneasy feeling inside his stomach. The atmosphere felt cold and dark by the throne room's door to him.

"Hopefully this is just a bad, insanity-induced coma," he grunted to himself.

Just then he heard the guard speak, and even though he said more words, the only one Fujitsu could identify was "Xeranad". The prince's following words sounded nothing more than gibberish to Fujitsu after that. His blood turned icy cold and a shiver went down his spine. Xeranad... Xeranad... XERANAD... HERE!?? Even the girl was shocked.

He had just noticed in time when the Prince shoved the door to the throne room open to see Xeranad look at them with a sick, pleasurable look in his eyes. It made Fujitsu's stomach gurgle, and sent another chill down his spine. Fujitsu immediately dropped down into his most effective stance. He wanted to run at him. He wanted to tear him up. He wanted to make him PAY for what he and his servants did to his home kingdom thirteen years ago. He could still remember it all... Especially his unexpected face.

He was about to dash forward and strike him with his rage when he heard two things. One was Xeranad saying, "If any of you try and pass this blade... consider yourself a pile of ashes," and something his master once told him. "Do not let revenge consume you, or else you will either get yourself killed, or even worse, follow the path of darkness itself... A fate worse than death..."

Fujitsu listened to these words, and calmed himself down. 'Of course,' he thought. 'Revenge is blind, and if I enter the battle blind, I cannot protect myself from my enemy's attacks. Furthermore, I should NEVER underestimate Xeranad like that, or else that's the same thing as commiting suicide.' He returned to his neutral stance and began walking past the Prince. He stopped about three feet in front of His Highness, and Xeranad looked back to him as well.

Fujitsu took his sword, he raised it up high, looking Xeranad dead straight in the eyes, and...

SHINK! He stabbed the floor with his own blade straight in front of him. He looked at the Dark Lord a few more seconds before saying, "Then if you dare pass THIS blade... then consider YOURSELF already in an insanity-induced coma, experiencing what I experienced thirteen years ago when you and your servants destroyed my kingdom... and who else better to do it than somebody who belongs in an insane asylum?"

"... I really SHOULD be in one for saying something like that," he said to himself, the bandit girl hearing. He didn't care, though. He was not about to let Xeranad harm anybody here. Not if he had a say in it.

The End

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