Chapter 0: Fantasmical SecurityMature

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Escartes Castle - Grand Hall

Aria giggled. She liked this Fujito person. He wasn't afraid to stand out, and enjoyed himself quite a bit... much more upbeat than she was. This was the first time she felt like this in five years...

Elric nodded. "Now then, if you all would follow me, I shall take to my father." The group walked with Elric to the throne room. Elric stopped, and was surprised to see the guards in front subdued. He ran towards them and checked the closest's pulse. He was still alive, and still conscience as well. The guard looked up at Elric. "My lord... I'm sorry..."

Elric was furious. "Who did this?"

The guard shriveled in terror. "It was him... no mistaking it... it was Xeranad!"

Elric's expression changed immediatly from furious to shocked. "Xeranad?! Here, in Escartes?! In my father's throne room no less?!!" Everyone exchanged looks. Aria was shocked as well. For the Dark Lord himself to come here... was he aware of the king's plan?

Elric looked at Governor Wessel. "Wessel, get this man some help. I know Kara is a nurse, but... we may need her for this."

Wessel nodded. "Understood. Be careful." Wessel grabbed the first guard, as the second was obviously dead: he had his intestines wrapped around his neck like a macabre necklace.

Elric shoved the door open. Inside was none other than Xeranad, who, until presently, was facing King Gallon. Xeranad turned to look. His eyes showed a sick form of delight. "Ahhh... the little kingling of Escartes, Elric... what a fine young man you've become." Xeranad performed a mock bow. Elric gritted his teeth in anger.

Xeranad chuckled. "Relax. I only killed the guards as a warning. One that apparently went unheeded. I wanted absolute privacy in this little meeting, but you've gone and ruined that." Xeranad drew his sword, and everyone prepared for the worst, but to their surprise, he slammed the blade into the floor.

"I would like to talk to your father. If any of you try and pass this blade... consider yourself a pile of ashes." With that he walked towards the king. Xeranad bowed in genuine respect. "Great king of Escartes, are you sure you will not change your mind?"

(I'll pause here for everyone else to interject.)

The End

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