Chapter 0: Your Insanity is Showing! Zip up Your Pants!Mature

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The loud cheering pierced Fujitsu's head like a razor-sharp harpoon. His head obviously had not recovered from his fall, and because of the loudness, his head started throbbing. Fujitsu wanted to yell like everybody else so that he didn't seem out of place, but all he could do was hold his head in pain, grimace, and wait for the crowd's screaming to die down.

Click was looking around at his fans, wondering just what possessed him to say that he would bring back Xeranad's head on a pike, and what would happen if he didn't, when he noticed Fujitsu clutching his skull, clearly experiencing pain. He raised his hand to motion for silence, and thus, the cheering ceased.

Fujitsu opened his eyes again and looked around, worried that he had gone deaf. Relief spread over his face as he noticed that nobody's mouth was moving. He happily exclaimed, "Yatta! Teh demon screaming haz STOP-ED!!"

Confusion spread over the peoples' faces as Fujitsu walked up towards the prince, bowed, and introduced himself. "My name is Fujitsu Kamoguchi, and I represent the martial arts Grand Master Jonou Arisan as his student. Or something like that. It's an honor to meet you," he finished, standing back up normally.

A mixed wind of whispers started amongst the people, evidently surprised to ever see a student of Jonou Arisan. "A student of Arisan?" "Impressive!" and "He lying! That old man never takes any students!" were amongst these whispers.

The prince nodded and smiled. "Yes. We've been expecting you. I trust that your journey was safe?" He added, "And I do admit that I was surprised to hear that the Master had a student."

"Yeah," Fujitsu said, scratching his head with an embarrassed look on his face. "He never takes any student. I was an exception, but please don't ask me why."

He walked away from the prince and stood back by the bandit girl, sliding his trunk off to make a seat of it. As he sat down, one end of a blade was pushed outwards from underneath his leather cloak, and another pushed against the back of the cloak, making it look like he had a spike growing out of him, making everybody look at him.

"... Hello? My insanity can't be showing THAT bad, can it?" asked a confused Fujitsu.

The End

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