Chapter 0: Shady BusinessMature

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Conrad was fairly calm, that is, until the sounds of battle could be heard in front of the recon team. "What in the Goddesses name? I thought the battlefield was farther ahead!" Conrad says, even as his team think the same thing. "Ok people, double time, seem intellegence was off by a few leagues when they told us where the battlefield is." Conrad says, picking up the pace, and holding his rifle in a ready position, with his team following suit with their own weapons. As they moved through the forest, the fighting was getting louder, and hten, it was right on top of them as a battalion of Elves and Stygians rushed into each other not 20 meters from hte team. "SH*T!" Conrad grunts, jumping back somewhat, avoiding hte blade of a Stygian. Raising his rifle, he pulls the trigger, dropping the creature in a roar of gunfire, the blue-yellow muzzle flash giving the sight of the shot,the bluish tint in hte flash the way the Magitek packs fuctions like a clip. The next bullet to be fire was created from the magical energies stored in the pack, and pre-slotted into the barrel. As teh Stygian dropped to the ground, with a new hole in it's face, Conrad, drops to a knee, attempting to make himself harder to be seen, even in this chaos of a battlefield. "Damn this isn't good! Ok people, hold your fire, unless needed. We can't give away our position any more hten we already have!" Dion grunts, trying to keep his voice heard, only by his team. He pulled his helmet out of his pack, and put it on, flipping the magitek eyepiece down, turning it on. He updated the mission peramaters, taking into account the shifted position of hte battlefield. Then, as he finished, a small platoon of Stygians found hte team. Conrad growled, standing up, lifting his rifle to his shoulder, and starting firing, as did his team, but now they had been found. More and more Stygians were coming, and at this rate, teh team would be overrun in a matter of minutes. "MOVE TOWARDS THE ELVES!!! MOVE AND FIRE!!!" Conrad calls out, starting to walk towards the Free Elves, even as more Stygians were rushing him and his team. They just had to get lucky and make it to somewhat friendly forces and hope they don't get killed for the way they look.


The room was dark, even the pool a man was leaning over was dark, but this wasn't the dark of the room, but rather, the other person on the end of the conversation making sure it was dark.

"My lord, I've been doing as you ask. The security systems in the city have been tricked into thinking nothing is amiss even as I move your Drow warriors into the still abandoned regions of hte city. At this rate, when it is time to strike, and if all goes according to plan, there will be few members of the Militia still in the city when we're ready. Even if there is, we still have more numbers then the entire Militia forces scattered across the City's terroritory." Teh man said, seemingly in reverance of whoever was on hte other end. Nothing could be heard coming from the pool, but it was clear the man in hte room nodded. "Yes my lord, I know of hte foolish missions to learn of hte Surface world. In fact, I purposely fudged the intel for the current military recon op. I believe you will find them near the elves, in fact, they should have arrived by now. My lord, about my rew-" The man cut off, as through struck. "Yes my lord... I will do what I can with hte limited power granted to me by the Original Laws, but I only have a fifth of teh power, and it's only over one Caste! The others are too enchanted by the old ways, and the desire to return to a world that no longer exists, that I am unable to draw any of them to our cause." The man stated, before bowing his head. "Yes My Lord, I hear and Obey." The man said, before flicking the pool, which once more gain a reflection of one of the magitek lights that burned throughout hte city outside of Lord Garinos's chambers. Lord Garinos sighed. Teh things asked of him, they were getting harder and harder to cover, and he couldn't keep his true allgience hidden forever, but so long as hte others thought he was still the same as he always had been, well, that was his only protection, and insurance of keeping his position as Lord of Elarin, and being able to do his Lord's will.


The End

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